Father Dharmendra was not happy with the work of girls in films, Esha Deol

When Esha Deol, daughter of senior Bollywood actor Dharmendra and actress Hema Malini, tried to get permission from her father to work in films at an early age and get him to prepare it, Dharmaji was upset because he was Esha and the youngest daughter. Ahana was seen as a housewife.

Esha Deol had said in an old interview with former Bollywood actress Sammy Grewal that she is very interested in working in Bollywood films but it all depends on her father that she What will you say

Hema Malini, the mother of the two sisters, was also present at the event.

Hema Malini told about the permission of the father on behalf of her daughter that for the first time she flatly refused, but when I spoke to her, her answer was no.

After the birth of their two daughters, he said that dance etc. is fine but it doesn’t work in movies.

According to Esha, she slowly persuaded her father. Esha added that her father used to say that girls should stay at home which was his Punjabi style. We were not allowed to go out of the house but my mother was with us. Used to give

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