Pakistani actress Zoha Rehman will appear in an American science fiction TV series

Pakistani model and actress Zoha Rehman, who played Spider-Man’s hijabi classmate in the Marvel series ‘Spider-Man for From Home’, will now appear in an American science fiction television series ‘Foundation’.

The story of this series is taken from the popular publisher Isaac Izimovoki’s book series ‘Foundation’.

“She is a huge fan of the Foundation Publishers’ books, which is a great honor for her to be a part of the series,” said Zoha Rehman Kabin.

Actress Zoha Rehman will play the role of O’Neill in the series, who is a soldier.

Talking about her role, the actress said, “Her character is very interesting. She likes everything related to science fiction so she is very excited about this show.”

The series, created by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, is set to release on Apple Plus on September 24.

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