Scientists have identified new antibodies against COVID and its variants

Medical experts have identified an antibody that can limit the severity of the corona virus and its variants.

Experts from Duke University in the United States and the University of North Carolina have identified the antibody and tested it on animals, and the results of the study have now been released. The researchers said that this antibody could cure the disease during the current epidemic and could be useful for future epidemics. The research team identified the antibody 2 during a blood test of patients, one of whom was infected with the SARS CoV1 virus in the 2000s and the other is now infected with COVID 19.

Out of the 1,700 antibodies in the two patients, the researchers discovered 50 antibodies that could bind to the SARS CoV1 and SARS CoV2 viruses. Further analysis revealed that one of these antibodies is capable of binding to corona viruses found in humans as well as several corona viruses found in animals. The researchers said that this antibody binds to the corona virus at a location that is the gateway to many mutations and types. Animals tested on this antibody showed that it could effectively block disease or reduce the effects of the disease.

They discovered that both of these antibodies could do this, meaning that when animals were given these antibodies to make them sick, they were protected from different types of cod. The researchers said that the discovery would help in the development of a universal vaccine. When this antibody was given to animals after they became infected, it reduced the symptoms of the disease. He said that this antibody could also be helpful in preventing SARS 3 or 4. The results of the study were published in the medical journal Science Translational Medicine.

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