Pakistan has lower inflation than other countries in the region: Fawad Chaudhry

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has said that inflation in Pakistan is lower than other countries in the region and poverty rate in other countries is also higher than ours.

Briefing the media after the meeting of the Federal Cabinet in Islamabad, he said that our permanent position on electoral reforms has been that unless the electoral system is made transparent, the objections to the elections in Pakistan must be removed and that is all. In this regard, we want to move forward.

“In the briefing to the cabinet, the essentials were compared, comparing the previous weeks, but now we have compared the countries in the region, which include India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, and maybe from next week,” he said. Sri Lanka will also be included, with whom we compare the prices of our goods. He said that in the presented situation it was stated that basic commodities in Pakistan are still the cheapest in the region, among the countries which do not produce oil it is the cheapest in Pakistan. The Federal Minister for Information said that as oil prices go up, it remains to be seen how long we can maintain oil prices.

He said that at present the price of flour in Pakistan is 60 rupees 9 paise per kg, in India and Bangladesh it is 83 rupees and in Afghanistan it is 73 rupees 50 paise, in Pakistan gram dal is 146 rupees 77 paise, in India 166 rupees, Bangla In the country it is Rs 224, mash dal is Rs 245 84 paise per kg in Pakistan, in India it is Rs 244, in Bangladesh it is Rs 334 and in Afghanistan it is Rs 214. He said that onion is costing Rs 47.14 per kg in Pakistan, Rs 95 in India and Rs 121 in Bangladesh, chicken is Rs 254.92 in Pakistan, Rs 438 in India and Rs 324 in Bangladesh. Fawad Chaudhry said that petrol is currently Rs 138.73 in Pakistan, Rs 258 in India and Rs 180 in Bangladesh. At present, these are the countries in our region where, according to the World Bank, the poverty rate is higher than ours. And the prices of goods are also higher than ours.

He said that at present the problem was that there was a big difference in the prices of Punjab and Sindh. In Rawalpindi, 20 kg of flour was getting Rs. 1100 while in Karachi it was getting Rs. 1470. He said that sugar is priced at Rs 90 in Punjab and Rs 120 in Karachi, while peanut dal is priced at Rs 148 in Punjab and Rs 196 in Karachi. The Information Minister said that the main problem is that the Sindh government is not controlling the prices. The Sindh government did not buy wheat first and then released it late, which is affecting our SPI. Fawad Chaudhry said that whenever Bilawal Sahib would take out a procession against inflation, the Chief Minister should take out a procession in front of Sindh House to know who is responsible for inflation and why inflation is happening. He said that the government of Sindh needs to reconsider its administrative matters, adding that the entire Karachi and other areas of Sindh are facing great difficulties due to them and they need to improve their administrative nature and form. Required.

He said that the Ministry of Commerce and Information had given a briefing on the vacancies. He said that some institutions in the Ministry of Information were also trying to be abolished under PDM but it has been delayed so now we are starting the process. He said that the federal cabinet has abolished the authority of the federal government to acquire land for setting up housing societies, now the federal government will not acquire land for forming housing societies. He said that many people have got two plots under the Prime Minister’s package but the Prime Minister had also terminated his discretionary power. Fawad Chaudhry said that during the Nawaz Sharif and PPP eras, the Prime Ministers used billions of rupees in the name of discretionary funds on the people while Prime Minister Imran Khan did not use a single rupee from the discretionary fund and now legally also the Prime Minister’s package. The Prime Minister will not be able to give plots to anyone. He said the federal government and its employees would be part of the Federal Government Housing Authority’s program only for federal employees. Has been deleted. Informing the cabinet meeting, he said that the cabinet has expressed concern over the manner in which the plots have been allotted to the institutions.

He said that a committee has been constituted comprising the Ministries of Establishment, Finance and Housing. Plots are available under the Act, which is part of their jobs and benefits, but the bureaucracy does not have such a system and is closed, people get plots approved by the government. He said that the committee would look into the matter and incorporate the policy of the defense and the allotment of housing would be looked into in a systematic manner. He said that the cabinet has decided to suspend the duty on luxury cars called vintage cars for one year so that people can import these cars but the cabinet has rejected it. Fawad Chaudhry said that Brigadier (retd) Shuja Hassan Khawarizmi has been re-appointed as CEO of Pakistan Steel Mills for one year.

He said that tomorrow Prime Minister Imran Khan in his important address to the nation would announce a huge and historic relief package under which 53% of the population of the country would benefit.

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