Inclusion of health lessons in the curriculum, discussions are underway with the Ministry of Education, Faisal Sultan

Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, has said that discussions are underway with the Ministry of Education to include health lessons in a uniform curriculum. The importance of exercise in the curriculum, healthy food, dental hygiene, tobacco and drugs By educating children about the dangers of using drugs, we can save our future generations from disease, disability and premature death..

He expressed these views while addressing the National Dialogue held in Karachi under the Pakistan Society for Awareness and Community Empowerment (PES) and the Discovering Diabetes Project. Secretary General of the Diabetic Association of Pakistan Prof. Abdul Basit, eminent endocrinologist Prof. Tasneem Ahsan, Prof. Zaman Sheikh, Project Manager of Discovering Diabetes Agha Sadiq, Executive Director of Jinnah Hospital Karachi Prof. Shahid Rasool from the National Dialogue on the occasion of World Diabetes Day. Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi Vice Chancellor Prof. Saeed Qureshi, eminent psychologist Prof. Iqbal Afridi, PMA General Secretary Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, Peace Convener Muhammad Waqar Bhatti and others also addressed the gathering.

Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, said that in the past, the disease had become epidemic due to inattention to infectious diseases, especially diabetes, but the Federal Ministry of Health has now formulated a National Action Plan which Special attention will be given to mental health, cancer and trauma care, including diabetes. Regarding the increase in taxes on artificial sweeteners and cigarettes, he said that initially they had failed in this regard but they are continuing their efforts in this regard and soon a health contribution bill is being brought. Proceeds from the increase in taxes on the manufacturing of artificial sweeteners and the tobacco industry will be used in the health sector. Praising the Discovering Diabetes Project, he said that in the aftermath of the Corona epidemic, health messages were spread through mobile phone ringtunes to increase public awareness and information, and now these ringtones were meant to convey health messages to the public. Are becoming an important resource.

He said that the number of the Discovering Diabetes Helpline could be greatly improved through mobile phone ringtones to reach people across the country. Dr. Faisal Sultan added that the cost of diagnosing and treating diabetes in Pakistan cannot be reduced unless the tools and technologies used in this regard are developed locally. To develop the technology, the government has set up a special technology zone of hundreds of acres in Islamabad where the manufacture of technology and equipment used in the health sector will be started to minimize the dependence on imports in the health sector. To reduce the cost of treatment facilities in the country. Regarding diabetes, he said that the Ministry of Health is soon launching a pilot project in Islamabad on Diabetes Prevention and Early Diagnosis and efforts are being made to raise more funds for this project. It can be started in all four provinces and other areas of the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Survivor Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology Professor Abdul Basit said that the government of Pakistan should raise more money by imposing more taxes on the artificial sweetener and tobacco industries to be used to improve the health sector. There is a need for training of nurses and wound healers in Pakistan so that thousands of people can be saved from disability as a result of amputation of legs through proper care of wounds caused by diabetes. Prof. Tasneem Ahsan, Consultant Endocrinologist, Pakistan Endocrine Society, said that we need to create awareness among our children about healthy lifestyle and balanced diet as Pakistan cannot treat millions of people suffering from infectious diseases.

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