The mobile gaming market will exceed 136 billion dollars this year

61% of the worldwide gaming market consists of mobile games, gaming market volume in 2022 will exceed $ 136 billion.

International Data Corp. and AI data reported gaming market this year will be able to cross the figure of $ 222 billion.

The corona virus in the first quarter of 2021 over 45% of users downloaded games on weekly basis.

It calculated the worldwide smartphone users downloaded 1.1 billion games each week.

The first quarter of 2022 by consumers each week in the quarter iPhone operating system (iOS) and Google Play to download the 1.6 billion dollars of the game.

Most games this year, China’s mobile users have downloaded while North America and Western Europe contributed 50% of the total amount spent on games.

The report said that online features and support multiple users to play a game, smartphone games the popularity of reasons at the same time.

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