How many years did it take Babar Azam to master Cover Drive?

Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam’s core drive is talked about all over the world, whether Babar Azam’s innings is short or he is playing under pressure, cricket fans definitely get a chance to see his charming core drive. Everyone is compelled to appreciate their core drive.

In a recent detailed interview with Geo News, Babar Azam explained how many years it took to improve the core drive.

Babar Azam said that in practice I do everything but core drive is my natural and with it my favorite shot but it does not mean that I did not work on natural and favorite shot but on it I have worked hard.

“It’s been improved by passion and hard work. It took me ten years to improve the core drive. I still practice to make it perfect,” the captain said.

“All bowlers are the best in international cricket, they don’t give up but catch in two minutes, for that you have to be active every moment and for that I keep working hard,” he said.

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