Donald Trump’s NFT cards sold for huge sums

Former US President Donald Trump’s NFT cards were bought by his fans for a huge amount of 5 million dollars in one day.

Donald Trump’s NFT cards were offered for sale on a website called and each card was priced at $99.

This NFT collection of the former US president was a hit with his fans and all the cards sold out hand over hand.

Among the buyers of this collection were businessmen who would sell these cards further at higher prices.

NFTINT, the company that made this card collection, has said in its statement that Trump has nothing to do with this NFT collection, nor will this money be spent on his election campaign in 2024.

It should be noted that NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens have become very popular in the digital world in recent years, which are basically digital data stored in the blockchain that the original owner sells online.

In simple terms, non-fungible tokens are actually digital photos, videos and audio files that are sold like an art collection, the only difference being that NFTs are sold at an auction house instead. Auctions are conducted online.

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