QUETTA: An 80-year-old man has obtained a PhD

In Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s most backward province of Balochistan, Hebatullah Halimi, an 80-year-old knowledge-loving man, left young people behind by earning a PhD in poor age..

Retired Superintendent of Police (SP) Hebullah Halimi, who has been in the police force all his life, completed his doctorate from Balochistan University Quetta in 2019 but could not be awarded a degree due to the Corona epidemic. After a two-year disruption due to Corona, a university convocation was recently held, in which students who completed their education were awarded certificates. Most of the young students received certificates at the convocation, but at the same ceremony, 80-year-old Hebatullah Halimi also received a doctorate, leaving many young people behind. Hebatullah Halimi holds a PhD in Political Science and has written a research paper on the problems of Levies Force ie Traditional Policing and Modern Policing in Balochistan and their solutions.

While conferring the degree, the Governor of Balochistan also saluted Hebatullah. Photo: Ghalib Nihad

At the convocation ceremony, Hebatullah Halimi, accompanied by two young members of the family, arrived to receive his degree from Balochistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmad Agha. While Balochistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmad Agha and the participants were amazed to see the determination and courage of Hebatullah Halimi, they could not help but pay tribute to him and the Governor hugged him and saluted him with both hands. Hebatullah Halimi hails from the Mastung and Samalani tribes of Balochistan. He served in the police for 40 years and retired in 2005 as an SP. The very next year after retirement, he continued his education and entered M.Phil and completed his degree in 2011, after which he started working on his PhD and completed his doctorate in 2019. Adil Zaman Kasi, Dean of the Department of Political Science, University of Balochistan, said that Hebatullah Halimi received his doctorate from Zaeef-ul-Omari. D will complete but he works with the same enthusiasm till the end and succeeded in fulfilling his commitment.

Hebatullah reached the stage with the help of his child. Photo: Ghalib Nihad

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