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Senate: Journalist Protection Bill passed, 29 votes in opposition

The Senate passed the Journalists’ Protection Bill, with 35 votes in favor and 29 against.

On the occasion, Federal Minister for Human Rights Shirin Mazari said that it has taken a year to draft a bill on journalists.

Mazari said he had struggled for two years to enact a comprehensive law to protect journalists and media workers.

He added that the law was drafted in consultation with journalists’ organizations and after the National Assembly, the Senate also passed the bill by a majority vote.

The government’s protection of journalists bill was presented as an additional agenda on which the opposition in the House chanted slogans against the re-stamped parliament, disapproved and opposition members surrounded Sadiq Sanjarani’s chair.

Federal Law Minister Barrister Forough Naseem also introduced the NAB Amendment Bill in the Senate as a supplementary agenda which was passed by the Upper House.

On this occasion, Forough Naseem said that sending bills in the committee is the prerogative of the House, this bill is not related to any person at all, it is for everyone.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan introduced the Higher Education Commission Amendment Bill in the House which was passed.

Government members demanded that the bill be put to a vote now. The number of government members in the House was more than the opposition members while the Dilawar Khan group voted for the government.

When the government bill was passed, the opposition members reached in front of the Chairman Senate Dice, tore up the agenda and threw it away.

In view of the state of emergency, Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjarani adjourned the sitting of the Upper House indefinitely.

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