UK: A book taken from a Scottish library is returned after 73 years

A book released by the Dunferm Lions Central Library in Fifa, Scotland, UK, has been returned after more than 73 years.

It was actually a book by Staley Timber based on the novel by American novelist Rupert Hughes and was an adventure story from Boston. The book was to be returned to the Dunferm Lines Carnegie Library and Galleries on November 6, 1948.

However, this did not happen and now the library staff was surprised last week when they got the book back in parcel form.

It is learned that the person who had taken the book had returned it to his daughter when she found it at home. Donna Dewar, a staff member at the library, told a British media outlet that she could not believe her eyes when she opened the parcel and laughed out loud.

Donna added that she had recently returned a 14-year-old book that we thought was amazing, but we had never heard of it. According to him, when the late fee of 73 years was estimated on him, it became 2847 pounds.

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