Vaccines can reduce the spread of corona by up to 40%, according to the World Health Organization

Cod vaccines reduce the spread of the highly contagious type of corona delta by up to 40%.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that people could have a false sense of security.

World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom has called on vaccinators to take precautionary measures against the code and prevent it from spreading.

The head of the WHO advised that despite vaccinations, precautionary measures such as the use of face masks, social distance and frequent hand washing should be followed.

He said more than 60 percent of the cases and deaths reported last week were in Europe.

He said that the high number of cases would increase the pressure on the medical system.

“We fear that people may feel that they will end the epidemic and that those who have completed the vaccination do not see the need for any precaution,” he said.

Vaccines can save lives, but they cannot completely stop the spread of the virus, he said.

The WHO chief said the data indicated that before the advent of the Delta type, vaccines had reduced the spread of the virus by 60 per cent, but due to the delta, the rate had dropped to 40 per cent.

Delta is now the dominant species of corona in the world, surpassing other species.

“If you have been vaccinated, the severity of the disease and the risk of death are significantly reduced, but you can become infected with the virus and spread it further,” said Tedros Adhanom.

“We can’t say for sure yet, but even if you have been vaccinated, you can still protect yourself from getting infected with the virus by taking precautionary measures,” he said.

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